, March 31, 2016

“Retention” explained with SureSeason

SureSeason’s Revenue based Multi Peril Crop Insurance provides growers with options to protect between 50% and 70% of their risk assessed 5year historical average revenue.

The premium is calculated on the level of protection selected by the grower, based on SureSeason providing up to 4 quotation options.

What is Retention and how does it work?

Retention has been designed by SureSeason to offer growers more flexibility and choice in both coverage and premium options. This has been due to many growers requesting consideration to this.

Retention is calculated from the assessed 5year average revenue. SureSeason offers growers the choice to take Retention, in 5% options from 5% to 40%.


Grower has average revenue of $390 per ha
Grower is offered 65% coverage = $253.50 per ha
Premium is calculated on selected coverage level
Discounts apply to premium, based on level of Retention taken
Discounts increase as level of Retention % increases.

We cannot wait to share our Retention offers with you. For more information around SureSeason’s Retention please contact us at or dial 03 5382 0569