wsfsbadmin, February 14, 2016

Welcome to SureSeason

Our first blog post, a fresh page and the New Year upon us. The time is seasoned and we are excited to officially launch SureSeason to the wider community. After a busy end to 2015 we are primed to bring SureSeason for Growers and trusted partners in February 2016.

SureSeason Revenue Multi Peril Crop Insurance are delivered as the preferred risk solution and ultimately will be available directly through your trusted relationship partner. Before getting to that stage, if you would like to arrange an information package please contact Vanessa Aloisi via or on +61 3 53820569

Over coming months in our blogs we will be focusing on some of the key terminology (e.g. what does Retention really mean?) and of course the innovations we have designed into SureSeason that will bring better bang for your buck when operating your business of farming. SureSeason for Grain Growers is the first Revenue MPCI end to end risk management offering designed specifically for the Australian grain industry and we can’t wait to share it with you.