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SureSeason Australia Brendan Reinheimer and Darryl McCrae.

About SureSeason

Many things weigh on the minds of Australian growers; rising input costs, cash flow, debt, too much rain, too little rain, growth. And with increasing investment costs, there’s more at risk than ever before. There’s often an uncertainty whether you’ll make enough to get through to the next year.

That’s where SureSeason comes in.

SureSeason is a revolutionary Revenue MPCI protection product that safeguards your return against unexpected events. Developed since 2008 in consultation with growers, SureSeason protects you against bad seasons, allowing you to prosper in the good ones.

Underwritten by Certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s, SureSeason offers Revenue MPCI protection against weather, pests, plant disease, livestock damage and all other perils. And with an accredited national network of referral and professional partners that work closely with you to better manage your risk and return on investment, SureSeason will assist you to continue farming for profit.