Additional Information

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about SureSeason Revenue MPCI Broadacre Winter Crop Protection. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please contact us through our general enquiries page or call us on (03) 5382 0569.



An evaluation of your broadacre winter crop farming business over the last 5 seasons. Using farm production information, the assessment captures and identifies facts about your revenue generation for total farm seeded area per hectare.

Can you apply for a RISK ASSESSMENT with less than 5 years of history?

Any broadacre winter crop farm business can apply for a Risk Assessment. Each broadacre winter crop farm business will be risk assessed and contacted by SureSeason.

What happens if we purchase/lease/share/farm more land? 

Any broadacre winter crop farm can declare any changes to hectares and locations by contacting SureSeason. You will need to fill out an updated farm business Broadacre Winter Crop declaration.

What value am I covered for and how is it calculated?

SureSeason Broadacre Winter Crop is calculated on a 5 year average of assessed farm gross revenue. Each broadacre winter crop farm will have coverage options as a % of total average revenue.

SureSeason is “NEW”, who are the Management?

SureSeason is managed by successful agriculture people which includes leading Australian Agribusiness and understands farmers and “Farming for Profit”. SureSeason has been in development in Australia since 2008. Rural people, including many broadacre winter crop farmers, have invested many hours into the development of SureSeason Revenue MPCI.

How much would I need to invest for my Multi-Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI)?

SureSeason will offer your Estimate/Quote after your Risk Assessment has been finalised. Investment value will depend on your individual assessed Risk Assessment. Contact SureSeason and ask about our investment value offer.

How do I claim?

Your policy will cover your emerged hectares up to your coverage value. e.g. You have coverage of $450 per hectare. In a peril year, you only receive $200 per hectare at farm gate of Broadacre Winter Crop revenue, you would receive $250 per hectare payment from SureSeason. Any carried forward grain or hay is valued at loss assessor market value to calculate final payment from SureSeason.

How do I find out more?

You can contact your nearest referral agribusiness. SureSeason employees are all connected to Rural Australia and understand your questions. Please contact SureSeason direct and ask one of our friendly staff for more information.