Case Study 1

We looked at the SureSeason MPCI last year and decided to provide our information and get a quote. We found SureSeason staff very supportive and they were able to answer all our questions. We decided on covering 50% of our expected revenue and were surprised with the premium, it was lower than we expected. We will consider increasing the coverage this year and taking some of the first risk. We like the flexibility available to us.

Premium $ 27,800.00

Peril: Water Stress, Frost

Claim $ 237,000

Renewed 2018 program at higher coverage level and retention (first risk).

Case Study 2

The SureSeason operatives spend considerable time with us, to make sure we fully understood the options to protect our revenue. We found the application process to be not that difficult, with NO financials needed and simple and quick turnaround time from application to quote. When SureSeason advised that they could offer us quotes for protection we paid the $4,000 application fee. SureSeason provided us with 4 options of cover to choose from and also provided us with all the information to apply for the Federal Government grant of $2000.

Premium $ 351,000.00

Peril: Excessive Wind, Frost

Claim $ 780,000.00

Finalised renewal program 2018.

Case Study 3

Over the past 5 years we have significantly grown our farming business, purchasing and leasing more farming land. Due to this we also have upgraded our machinery. Our aim is to make our business more sustainable to enable our children to continue to farm into the future. With this in mind we decided to take out the SureSeason Revenue MPCI to protect our overall risk. We were able to select the level of revenue protection that we wanted and were pleased with the options of cover available to us. A great feeling throughout the year, knowing that we had our Revenue position protected against the weather.

Premium $ 176,111.02

Peril: Insect and Pest Manifestation, Frost

Claim $ 352,000.00

Renewed January 2018.

Case Study 4

The stress levels on our family have dropped significantly since we took out MCPI last year. For the first time we knew that we had our Revenue covered to ensure we can cover costs and farm again next year. We hope that MPCI is here for the long term as that means we can use this to continue farming into the future. Simple application process which we had great support and education from SureSeason.

Premium $ 10,700.00

Peril: Water Stress, Heat Stress, Frost

Claim $ 101,000

2018 increase in area with renewed SureSeason program.

Case Study 5

After a good start we have had the driest late winter/spring in many years. Our SureSeason policy gave us the peace of mind that we had protection up to the revenue number we decided to cover. Through this period, the SureSeason team were very supportive and assisted the claims process. We recognised that our stress levels were far less than our neighbors that did not have SureSeason Revenue MPCI. The season finished worse than expected. Without the SureSeason revenue protection it would be difficult to farm again in 2018 year.

Premium $ 149,000.00

Peril: Water Stress, Heat Stress, Frost

Claim $ 1,226,900.00

Renewed 2018 program

Case Study 6

We investigated Multi-Peril Crop Insurance to ensure we can cover our farming costs year on year. The past 2 years have been difficult due to dry conditions, where we were not able to cover our costs due to poor yields. We decided on the SureSeason Revenue based Multi-Peril offering as we found the program easy to understand and liked the flexibility of coverage available. The application process was simple and we appreciated the help from the SureSeason operatives.

Premium $ 7,100

Peril: Water Stress, Plant Disease, Hail

Claim $ 29,400

Starting renewal application for 2018.