Why SureSeason

SureSeason Revenue MPCI protects growers against all perils and can safeguard growers a year-on-year return and secure funds even after a poor season.

And with a simple and easy claims process, growers can remain calm in the face of any adversity. SureSeason gives growers peace of mind, from planning through to harvest, and the confidence to make decisions that improve their growing business.

By covering expected revenue with SureSeason, growers can better manage their risk profile and avoid borrowing additional money to re-invest in next year’s crop. It means growers can better manage grain sale, protect their liquidity and have greater financial security from season to season.

SureSeason’s nationally accredited referral network and professional partners have knowledge of local growing regions that has been gathered from working with growers over many years.

SureSeason is committed to providing growers with personalised flexible solutions tailored to their specific risk situation. It’s why SureSeason offers more than protection, it offers confidence in the future.