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Broadacre Winter Crop Protection

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Protecting a crop against perils is difficult. Perils outside of a growers control often determine whether it is a good or bad season. Too often, one bad season can challenge a grower’s ability to grow in the next season, or even create major financial pressure.

SureSeason Revenue MPCI Broadacre Winter Crop Protection is a simple and straightforward product that provides growers with confidence and a return from any season. It is a multi-peril crop insurance product offering coverage against all perils including weather, pests, plant disease and livestock damage. It was developed to alleviate the uncertainty Australian growers face with perils so they can confidently farm long into the future.

A grower’s coverage options are determined based on their individual Risk Assessment. This Risk Assessment provides information on previous growing performance over the past 5 years, so any coverage options provided are tailored to suit a specific grower’s current situation.

Coverage options are calculated on a 5 year accrued average of a grower’s farm business performance. Each grower will have coverage options as a % of this average revenue including retention after coverage if applicable. It is also calculated on seeded hectares and represents all broadacre winter crop grain and hay crops so any changes in a grower’s hectares planted can be accounted for.

On successful completion of this Risk Assessment, SureSeason can offer a grower flexible revenue protection options. It allows the grower to select the most suitable form of coverage for their needs.

Farm business coverage example


If a grower requires to cover $800,000 from their cropping program, they would aim to take out a policy to the value of $800,000. But if a lack of rain or other peril caused them to only make $300,000, their claim would be to the value of $500,000.

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